About DK's

DK’s Donuts & Bakery is a family-owned, single unit establishment that has celebrated 35 years of making the best donuts in Los Angeles.

Our Story

Open 24 hrs, DK’s is your one-stop shop for donuts, sandwiches, smoothies, coffee & more!

Established in 1980, Dk’s Donuts has been delivering the Westside community with the freshest donuts, the most unique pastries, the best breakfast croissants & burritos, delicious hot chocolate, 20 kinds of flavored premium coffee, & the best smoothies for 35 years.

Located at the corner of 16th & Santa Monica, the shop was started by Lee & Kong, two Khmer refugees who immigrated to America in search of a new life and who believed in the American dream. After 25 years of hard work, the shop has been passed down to Sean and Mayly, their son & daughter- the heirs to the donut kingdom. Today, Dk’s Donuts has gained a popular reputation, attracting clients from the Santa Monica community, cities all around Los Angeles and worldwide. Known as the “best donuts in LA,” Dk’s invites you to try our array of goodies!

Confectionary goodness surrounds our walls with a little piece of donut heaven.

(We are the only DK’s Donuts & Bakery in Santa Monica, CA. Please be aware that our location is not associated with any other locations called DK’s Donuts.)

Must Try

  • Our famous croissant + donut hybrids (#ONUTS)
  • Waffle + donut hybrids (#WOWNUTS)
  • The world’s first ube donut
  • Bacon infused donuts
  • Donut ice cream sandwiches
  • Our croissant + donut breakfast sandwiches
  • Grilled cheese o-nut

When you visit us, always ask, “What’s Hot?”

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